RSVPHRH SHOW= £4965.46 for charity

Thank you so much – the silent auction on Thursday raised almost 5k for the artists chosen charities.

Expect an email shortly if you were a winning bidder.

Above is what $10 million dollars looks like (if you’re interested).

The work is also online, so check it out at


Creative Review Features RSVPHRH


We’re on the CR blog. Glory be. And it’s not just a taster of the work, more like a ten piece bargain bucket (with fries). Have a look here…

Kyle Bean and the wonder of knots

Kyle Bean’s place in RSVPHRH history is guaranteed with his piece – nothing short of amazing. Here’s his talented hands at work…

Rosie Shorter and her bunting

No Royal get together would be complete without bunting. Bunting. Bunting. Bunting. Great word. So, we’re very lucky to have illustrator Rosie Shorter on board.

She’s making us some special themed bunting which you can buy on the night. Here’s an example of her bunting skills.

She’s also got a webunting link. So check her out  –

Hats off to Kristofer Strom


It’s an obvious hat themed title, but seriously, hats off to Mr Strom. He has humbled us with his drawing skills. Lots of hats. Beautiful hats. Forming something very interesting, Mr Bond..

He’s on the web. Watch out, here’s a website

This looks like a job for Gianluca Fallone

Gianluca’s piece has just come in. It’s bold. Setting our beloved Prince charming as a dashing hero. Go Wills…a corgi needs saving from up a tree..

He’s got website too –

Mush preview slice..

If you were to shout ‘mush’ at a stranger on the street, you’d probably get a right royal shiner. Shout it at RSVPHRH on the 7th and you’ll be led over to this rather excellent piece of contemporary art..

Thank you mush. Thank you very mush. Sorry.

Mush has a website. Enjoy now.